The CloudCam has many uses that would attract any one person, or business. The ease of use makes it simple for the user to both watch AND listen to what is going at any given moment.  Don't worry if you can't watch LIVE, just insert a MicroSD card and record for up to 5 days - allowing you to review footage when you can, OR to use as a reference in security situations. The options are endless…



  • Baby Cam
  • Pet Cam
  • Keep an eye on kids when they get home from school
  • Watch for delivery man dropping off a package
  • Keep an eye on your vacation home
  • Monitor home while you're away
  • Point CloudCam at TV program and Watch/Listen from anywhere
  • Keep an eye on elderly relative living alone


  • Watch the Cash Register
  • Keep an eye on the parking lot
  • Keep an eye on the stock room
  • Check how busy the lobby is
  • Take a snapshot of waiting room every minute to show customers on your website how busy you are


  • Possible mobile uses for Police or Fire Departments
  • many, many more!
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