CloudCam Portable Streamer

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Video Specs

1080p 30 FPS HD encoding from any HDMI equipped camcorder
Bit Rate of 250Kbps to 10Mbps depending on network connection
Zero configuration. Automatically detects the frame rate and resolution of your connected camera.

Video can be sent to a cloud service (YouTube, uStream), point to point to via decoder connected to a monitor by HDMI, or viewed via VLC or similar applications from any device.


32000mAh Li-Po battery for 5+ hours of streaming on a single charge
4 embedded multi-carrier cellular modems
Built in 50db cellular amplifier, works on all US carriers and frequencies

On board secure WiFi hotspot for connecting any device to the bonded connection.

Weatherproof, watertight backpack. Resists extreme weather and temperature changes. Rugged case with hip straps for comfort and ease of use.

Automatically connects to the SimplyBonding service for unbreakable connectivity.

Bonded cellular connectivity for unbreakable video streaming. Even if multiple cellular networks are experiencing issues, the video stream will be unbreakable as long as 1 of the 4 modems remains connected.

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